LGL Industries

LGL Industries is the U.S. subsidiary of the Prostar/Dominator tire factory. Our factory opened in 2000 and because of a team dedicated to developing quality products, quickly became one of the leading tire factories in China. The Prostar factory has an advanced laboratory with in-house R&D, experienced experts in tire manufacturing and a state of the art inspection system.

We manufacture quality Prostar/Dominator agricultural tires, skid steer tires, bias truck trailer tires, radial trailer tires, bias trailer tires, industrial tractor tires, OTR tires and forklift tires. Our tires are registered by ISO9001-2000 Certification, U.S. DOT and European Reach. Our tires can be seen around the world in North and South America, Europe, Australia and Asia. With quality products and competitive pricing we have earned our clients trust.

Guaranteed quality and excellent service are part of the values we stand by. However, we are not satisfied with the status-quo; we strive to improve continuously – to do better. With this in mind, we opened LGL Industries to better serve clients in the United States. The LGL team provides our clients with the ease of having local folks to work with along with the price advantage of buying factory direct. To do better - we opened a warehouse in California to stock Prostar tires. Now, in addition to direct container orders we offer the convenience of LTL and fill-in orders.

At LGL Industries we are committed to your satisfaction and success.